3.1      RULES & TERMS


All application for be made through the Booking Form accompanied with full payment. The exhibitor shall agree to comply with the terms and conditions of the FIM 2020. The submission of the entry form shall be deemed as the confirmation of exhibitor’s application to participate in the FIM 2020 and exhibitor’s acceptance and agreement to be bound by the terms and conditions of FIM 2020. The Organizing Committee reserves the right to accept or reject any application without disclosing any reasons.


SHELL SCHEME (Booth size: 9 sq. meters or 3m x 3m) Includes the following:

Fascia board with exhibitors’ name and booth number, 2 unit’s fluorescent lights, 1 unit 13-amp electrical point, 1 unit information desk, 2 unit’s folding chair and 1 unit wastepaper basket. Needle punch carpet flooring of booth area.

c. SPACE ONLY (Minimum Size: 18 sq. meters or 2 booths space)

i) The exhibitor shall be responsible for their own designs, construction and furnishing.

ii) All electrical fittings and installation must be undertaken by the official contractor appointed by the Organizer. All exhibitors must design their booths and submit the drawings to the Official Contractor for approval by
9 March 2020. Failure to do so without the prior written Approval of the Official Contractor is considered a breach of the Fair’s Rules & Regulations.

iii) Double-deck booth is subject to Official Contractor approval.

iv) Exhibitors are responsible and liable for any such contractor’s observance of all Rules and Regulations, including the strict observance of build-up and tear-down schedules.

v) Rigging of structure is NOT allowed.

vi) All designs should have 50% visibility from all sides. vii) Exhibitors may not lay carpet across adjacent booths.



a. The organiser has appointed Displaymax (M) Sdn Bhd as the FIM 2020 Official Contractor for all the Shell Scheme booth. However, an exhibitor may employ a contractor of his choice to construct booth interior and any free-standing displays or fitments which may be required, provided that the contractor concerned is registered with and approved by Main Contractor.

b. For “Space Only” booths, a drawing in duplicate showing the plan view, (with measurements) and an artist’s impression must be submitted to the organizer latest by 9 March 2020 within 3 days failing which the organizer is entitled to terminate the contract strictly without liability and retain all payment made by an exhibitor. Original drawings (hard or soft copy) and not facsimile transmitted copies are required. The exhibitor must establish whether this have been done by the contractor as no booth may be constructed until these plans/drawings have been duly approved and signed by the Organizing Committee. For shell scheme booths, such drawings are only required if upgrading work or any changes is being carried out. Non- submission of these drawings within the stipulated period is considered a breach of the Rules & Regulations of the FIM 2020.

c. Neither fitting, display or self-adhesive stickers/signs may be attached to or suspended from the ceiling of any part of the exhibition halls, nor any item be nailed, screwed, drilled or punched into the floor. If this instruction is ignored, Displaymax (M) Sdn Bhd has the right to remove the items and charge the exhibitor/contractor concerned for the damage caused.

d. Exhibitors wishing to construct a false ceiling at their booth must submit duplicate drawings to the organizer for approval by the Fire & Safety Authority. Ceilings can only be constructed of large mesh or egg box materials, which permit the passage of water in the event of fire

e. For safety reasons, only the FIM 2020 contractor can carry out electrical wiring and connections. Exhibitors must refer to the FIM 2020 Contractor to obtain approval if changes need to be made to the standard wiring laid out by the FIM 2020 contractor. The organizer reserves the right to stop all activities of an exhibitor should it deem that electrical rules & regulations have been breached and poses a safety hazard to anyone.

f. No devices, such as electricity cables, water/compressed air pipes, and telephone lines inside or near the booth may be removed, cut or diverted without the permission of the organizer and hall provider.

g. All contractors are expected to clean the booths and remove all construction debris.

h.   All non-official contractors must lodge a performance deposit of no less than RM2000.00 per stand with the
FIM 2020 Contractor, which would be refunded after deduction of specific services and damages. Please refer to list as follows:

(1)        9sqm to 30 sqm           – RM 2,000.00

(2)        31 to 60 sqm                – RM 4,000.00

(3)        61 sqm and above       – RM 8,000.00

i. Only when this Performance Bond is placed, and the undertaking signed, will he contractor be allowed to bring in materials into the halls to commence work.

j. Provided no damage is caused during build up, fair days and teardown, the Bond shall be returned to the contactor/exhibitor, in full within 60 days of the completion of the exhibition.

k. Any other contractor is required to pay a non-refundable administration fee of RM20.00 per sq metre to the
FIM 2020 contractor.

l. For “Space Only” Booths The organizer reserves the right to require the exhibitor to change, modify, lower or shorten any back wall and side wall proposed in the “Space Only” design if, in the opinion of the Organizing Committee, such back wall and side wall will obstruct the reasonable exposure of any adjacent exhibition booths. All booths must be constructed, with a back and sidewalls, except island booths, which do not require any walls. In the case of a one corner booth, a back wall and one sidewall must be constructed, while a two cornered or peninsular booth requires only a back wall. Where a structure such as a wall or a sign, exceeds the height of the neighbouring booth, the Exhibitor with the higher wall must decorate the visible portion to a standard acceptable to the Organizing Committee. All contractors other than the FIM 2020 Contractor must purchase a contractor’s pass to gain entry to work in their respective areas in the hall.

m. For Shell Scheme Booth,

i)  No additional booth fittings or display may be attached to the shell scheme structure except for those approved by the organizer. Any protruding or cantilever signage’s must confirm to the specifications approved by the Organising Committee.

ii)  No nailing or drilling will be allowed. If you require assistance in hanging or displaying your exhibits, please consult the FIM 2020 contractor. No painting or wall papering on the shell scheme booth panels is allowed. Exhibitors who wish to have the panel painted must inform the FIM 2020 contractor who will provide quotations on request. No financial credit will be given for any shell scheme package item not utilized.


3.3      SECURITY

a. All personnel working in the exhibition halls must wear the FIM 2020 badges at all times.

b. The Organizing Committee reserves the right to evict any FIM 2020 identification badg

c. Security guards will patrol the exhibition site in general, but their duties shall not include specific attention to individual stands.

d. It is strongly recommended that at least one person be at the exhibition booth at 8.00 am every day during the expo, when the halls are re-opened for packing. It is important to note that while the organizer will maintain security surveillance at all times, Exhibitors are reminded that their booths should not be left unattended until all portable items have been secured.

e. An exhibitor shall be responsible for all his exhibits in transit to and from and within the confines of the exhibition area at the venue.

f. Exhibitors will not be allowed in the exhibition halls after the exhibition hours.

g. The organizer reserves the right to request any of the Exhibitors, their employees, representatives, servants, agents, contractors and/or invites, to leave & vacate the exhibition venue as well as remove their exhibition materials, if they should in any way cause chaos, discomfort, or threaten the safety and smooth proceedings of the exhibition in any manner.



a. Exhibitors shall not have allowed to place stickers, signs, posters, bunting or banners anywhere at the exhibition venue as stated in the Contract, other than within their own booth. Likewise, Exhibitor’s representative(s) shall not solicit business nor distribute brochures, invitations etc along the gangways and corridors, or near the entrances.

b. Only a maximum of FIVE (5) representatives of the Exhibitors are allowed to conduct sale of their product(s) during the promotion. The representatives are only allowed to conduct sale of their product(s) within and not more than 4 feet away from their booth area or at any other designated area, if provided by the Event Manager.

c. The booth must be staffed and operational at all times during FIM 2020 opening hours. The Exhibitor’s staff must wear Exhibitor badges issued by the Event Manager for identification. The Exhibitor shall be responsible for the good conduct of all this staff, agents or representatives.

d. The Exhibitor and/or his staff shall conduct no distribution of leaflets or any business activities outside their booth boundaries, unless otherwise arranged by the Event Manager.

e. No Exhibitor may use air compressors or pressurized containers without prior approval by the Event Manager.

f. The weight of all exhibits shall not exceed the floor loading limit. Without the special permission of the organizer, no exhibits can be taken into the boot once FIM 2020 has been officially opened, nor removed from the booth before the closing FIM 2020. All precautions must be taken by the Exhibitors against fire and to protect the public. Exhibitor who because of the nature of their exhibits, require specific for protection, must decide, at their own cost, for the provision of such equip Fire & safety regulations require that no goods nor packing materials may be stored on access areas behind or between booths.

g. Exhibitors should design proper storage with adequate access within their own booth or approach the Official Freight Forwarder for storage.

h. Each Exhibitor is responsible for indemnifying the Event Manager and their agent’s liability to the owners of venue public authority or the demand of whatever nature consequential to any act or omission of the Exhibitor, his staff or agents.

i. The Exhibitor shall be responsible for any damages to the structure, floor, walls, pillars and any part of the Exhibition Halls, the property of the Event Manager, any other Exhibitor caused by his staff in transportation, removal of exhibits, refuse and/or decoration works.



a. Electricity will be supplied through the Official Contractor only, this includes all electrical work (wiring and connection, lighting, etc) on all booths (shell scheme, special design and raw space) at the Exhibition. For safety reasons, no other electrical contractor will be permitted to carry out electrical work on site.

b. The number and the type of additional electrical fittings and installations required must be indicated by the Exhibitors on electrical supplies and fitting. A quotation will be submitted by the official contractor upon receipt of this form for unscheduled fitting or installations.

c. No electrical installation may be suspended from the roof of the Exhibition Halls or affixed to any part of the building structure No fitting may project beyond the boundaries of the installations and must be adequately protected against excess current.

d. Any design or plan of electrical installation must be submitted to the Event Managers for approval before the deadlines indicated, and no installation work shall be carried out without written permission there from. The Organizer reserve the rights to disconnect electricity supply to any Exhibitor whose installations either violate the regulations or is deemed dangerous or is likely to caused annoyance to visitors or other exhibitors.

e. Strictly No multi plug are allowed. All sockets are for machine operation only and not for lighting. For safety reasons, please use one socket for one machine only.



a. Every reasonable precaution will be undertaken by the organizer to ensure that security and safety of the exhibition halls and adjacent areas. However, the organizer will not be responsible or be liable to any Exhibitor, their employees, contractors or agents in respect of any direct or indirect loss or damage to any exhibit, person or property, arising out of or in any way connected with the exhibition. Exhibitors are strongly advised to insure their exhibits against such loss or damage, including risk of fire, throughout the duration of the exhibition.

b. Exhibitors will also be held responsible for loss or damage or injury to property (including those belonging to other Exhibitors and persons, caused by themselves, their employees or agent) Each Exhibitor participating in the exhibition MUST indemnify the organizer against all claims of whatever nature, which may be made against the organizer arising out of in any way connected with such exhibitor’s participant in the exhibition. This provision is specifically agreeing to be fair and reasonable by the Exhibitor participating in the event.



a. Exhibitors are permitted to bring their own audio-visual equipment such as TV’s and Video into the exhibition area. These must be placed inside the confines of your own booth area and must not be on walkways or any other common area. Exhibitors may use their PA/sound system but must ensure the volume is kept at an acceptable level and is not disruptive to the immediate neighbours.

b. Exhibitors are permitted to conduct their promotion utilizing the Organising Committee’s DJ and PA system at the indoor stage. Should exhibitors require the services of the DJ, exhibitors must inform the Organizing Committee 2 weeks before the fair commences.

c. Exhibitors are not allowed to bring in potted plants for the exhibition area. Potted plants are to be rented from the Landlord.


i) All audio-visual presentations, even if they originate from Malaysia must obtain the Censor Board’s approval. Clearance may take about 4 weeks and exhibitors are advised to send their materials to the Censor Board together with a covering note indicating that it is to be used at the exhibition. Exhibitors should obtain the Censor Board’s approval from:



Kementerian Dalam Negeri Bahagian ‘C’,

Unit Penapisan Filem Aras 3 Blok D2,

Parcel D Pusat Pentadbiran Kerajaan Persekutuan

62546 Putrajaya Malaysia.

(T): +603 8886 8000 (F): +603 8889 1685


ii) In addition, a license from Jabatan Perlesenan (MPSJ) must be obtained before the audio-visual materials may be screened at the exhibition. All the related fees are to be borne by the Exhibitors.



a. Exhibitors shall be provided with 5 (FIVE) Exhibitor’s badges, FREE of charge. Additional badges can be purchased from the organizer RM 10.00 each. Additional badges beyond the entitlement and/ or re-issued badges due to misplaced or lost will be charge at RM 20.00 /badge.

b. Exhibitors are required to wear their badges at all times within the show area.

c. Exhibitors are reminded that exhibitors badges are strictly for their own staff manning the booth only & should be worn at all times during the exhibition.

d. During the exhibition hours, any exhibitors without badges will be required to undergo for admission. No other personnel should be wearing exhibitor’s badges.

e. The event manager reserves the right to confiscate any misused badges.

f.   The Exhibitor Badges are non-transferable.



a. Any organization which, having signed a contract for the exhibition space or booth and fails to exhibit for whatever reason shall be liable for the full amount stated in the contract plus any additional costs that may be incurred by the organizer.

b. These terms cannot be varied under any circumstances.



a. The organizer reserves the right to cancel the FIM 2020 if, in the opinion of the organizer, the total number of booths sold does not justify the staging of the fair.

b. It also reserves the right to cancel or shorten the FIM 2020 in the event of any unforeseen circumstances, which are beyond the control of the FIM 2020. If the Fair is cancelled, then all payments made to organizer shall be refunded. No other claims or compensation will be entertained.

c. If the Fair is shortened, there will be no refund of payments mad No other claims or compensation will be entertained.



a. The appointed enforcement officers shall be responsible to enforce the rules and regulations of the Fair and therefore are empowered to demand immediate compliance from the exhibitors and its agents.

b. The organizer shall deal with all infringements and breaches of the terms and conditions.

c. The organizer empowered to order any Exhibitors and their agents to remove any materials which may obstruct or interfere or contravene any rules and regulations of the FIM 2020. All written feedback or reports of unethical practices should be forwarded as per the Feedback form provided, to the Organizer for the preliminary investigation.

d. The Exhibitor against whom the allegation has been made shall provide, at the request of the organizer, such further information or documents as may be required within such period as may be specified.

e. The organizer, shall evaluate the merits of complaints / reports and if after investigation, the fact alleged against an exhibitor appears to constitute a prima facie infringement of the Rules & Regulations of the Fair, the organizer shall be empowered, to implement the following penalties.

f. To take appropriate action on any Exhibitor and evict them from the fair if found to have violated the FIM 2020 conditions or guidelines. The Organizer of the Fair will cancel participation by the exhibitor in the travel fair immediately and all monies paid by the Exhibitor shall be forfeited.



a. Storages areas are not available.

b. All exhibitors’ materials and properties kept within the hall shall be at their own risk.

c.   All exhibitors are required to store their materials in an orderly manner so as not to cause any obstruction.

d. At the end of each day, exhibitors are responsible for ensuring that contractors remove all unwanted materials from the exhibition halls.

e. Contractors are expected to clean the booths and remove all debris. The organiser shall invoice exhibitors for the removal of wastes such as packing materials, crates & cartons etc that are left behind by exhibitors or their contractor.



a. Live animals and pets are not permitted in the exhibition booths.



a. Air-conditioning/ventilation is not provided in the venue during the build-up or teardown period.



a. Remote-controlled and free flying objects are not permitted in the exhibition booths.



a. The Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre is the exclusive supplier of food and beverage. The Centre is the exclusive provider of food and beverage.

b. Exhibitors must not distribute, sell or give away food or beverage not supplied by the Centre to public or trade visitors with the exception of Food & Beverage or Lifestyle Shows.

c. Exhibitors are prohibited from bringing in popcorn machines, peanut roasters, cotton candy machines or similar items to the exhibition booths.

d. Sales and distribution of popcorn and cotton candy is also prohibited inside the exhibition booths.

e. Exhibitors can order food and beverage supplied by the Centre. Please contact the Exhibition Service Counter at exhservices@klccconventioncentre.com



a. No attachment, fitting, equipment or device is allowed to be affixed to or suspended from any structure of the building as this can damage the structure of the building.



a. Exhibitors must provide full details of any potentially dangerous activities to be undertaken in the exhibition booth(s) to the FIM 2020.

b. No such activities may be conducted during a n exhibition without FIM 2020 and the Centre’s approval which must be obtained before move-in day and which may be withheld at the Centre’s absolute discretion.

c. Activities conducted in exhibition booths must comply with fire, health and safety regulations.



a. The Centre’s loading dock is located at ground floor.

b. Control point is at the Centre’s checkpoint.

c. Traffic flows in a one-way direction in from Jalan Persiaran KLCC and out to Jalan Pinang.

d. The loading dock service road is 8 metres H x 6 metres D at Loading Dock 1 and Loading Dock 2 with narrower sections behind service Link Hall 3 and Loading 4 and Loading Dock 5.

e. The narrow section behind Link Hall 3 has a low ceiling, which is 4 metres in height. Safety goal posts of 4 metres in height are installed before and after the service road Link Hall 3.

f. Only vehicles below 3.5 metres in height will be allowed access to Loading Doc

g. A 30 minute parking limit applies for drop-off/pick-up of goods during the move in and move out process. Vehicles are not permitted to park at the loading dock at any other ti

h. Vehicles and contents are the responsibility of the owner while at the loading dock.

i.  Smoking is only permitted at the designated area at the loading docks.

j. The loading dock includes two wash rooms, one wash bay is located at loading dock 2, another wash bay is located at loading dock 4 for the preparation of paints, trade materials and cleaning purposes.

k. Children under 15 are not permitted to present during move in and move out.



a. Hand-carried freight is defined as items that can be easily carried by an individual exhibitor, without the need for mechanised equipment.

b. Examples of acceptable hand-carried materials include boxes, suitcases or fibreboard shipping cartons, portable displays on wheels and small luggage bags.

c. Exhibitors may use the guests lift access to transport materials that can be hand carried to their booths.

d. The following items are not considered hand-carried items: two wheel dolly loads, carts, boxes or crates



a. Exhibitors’ exhibit materials must enter and exit through loading docks.

b. Exhibitors will be allowed to hand carry items in or out of the exhibition halls during move-in and move-out days.

c. Vehicle Entry Permit will be issued to exhibitors for entering the loading docks by the Displaymax (M) Sdn. Bhd.

d. Hand carry loading procedures are limited to cars, mini-vans, station wagons or pickup trucks (cannot exceed 20 feet (6.1 metres) in length and 12.5 feet (3.8 metres) in height). No full-sized trucks or trailers will be allowed to unload via the hand carry loading procedures.

e. Should exhibitors need assistance with load in/out, they will be referred to the appointed.

f. R.E. Rogers (M) Sdn Bhd freight forwarder at which time fees may apply.

g. Vehicles are allowed to load/unload only and may not park in the loading dock area, once vehicles are unloaded; they must be moved to alternate parking locations.

h. Upon the close of the exhibition, there will be a 1 hour allowance for removal of hand carry exhibits. Exhibitors can load the hand carry exhibits to their vehicles in the loading dock area during breakdown.



a. The Centre does not have onsite storage and cannot accept freight and shipment on behalf of exhibitors.

b. Advance deliveries and freight shipments are not permitted prior to 9 March 2020

c. If you have any concerns regarding timing, shipment and transportation, please contact Agility Forwarders.

d. Use of own forklift, tow motors, cranes, dollies, pallet jacks are not allowed under any circumstances.

e. In the event that the exhibits (e.g. machinery, tool and equipment) required to be move-in/out and cannot be hand-carried, the official show freight forwarders must be engaged to handle them by using the correct tool and method. The services of which will be chargeable by R.E. Rogers (M) Sdn Bhd.



a. Exhibitors are not allowed to display and stick their promotion materials in any public area, walls, hall aisle space or obstruct access to emergency exits, fire hose and fire extinguisher cabinets and building control access doors or panels.

b. Promotional floor stickers are not permitted on permanent carpeted floors, concrete and marble floors or walls.

c. The Centre’s Management reserves the right to have anything obstructing or restricting access to the above-mentioned areas and/or items removed at the exhibitors’ cost, without liability for loss or damage.



a. Canvassing, exhibiting or distributing advertising matter outside the designated exhibition area is prohibited.

b. Solicitation or demonstrations by an exhibitor must be confined to the exhibitor’s own booth.

c. Exhibitors should be considerate of neighbouring exhibitors when soliciting attendees to visit their booths.

d. Distribution of an exhibitor’s printed advertisements must be done within the exhibitor’s own space.

e. No exhibits, displays or advertising material of any kind will be allowed in the Centre’s public areas, basement parking or hallways.

f. Aisles in front of the booths must be kept clear. Enough space must be allocated within each exhibition booth for attendees to browse or watch product demonstrations.

g. Any activity that causes attendees to congregate in the aisle or in adjacent exhibition booths will be curtailed or cancelled.



a. Smoking is prohibited in the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre.

b. All public areas, inclusive of Foyers, Registration Counters, Cafe, Organiser’s Office, Restrooms, Hospitality Lounges and Exhibition Halls are designated as non-smoking zones.

c. Designated smoking areas are located at the end of each wing on Ground Level and Level 3.



a. Exhibitor is fully responsible for cleaning their stands and exhibits.

b. If you have any specific requirement on waste disposal especially paint, grease and oil, please contact the Centre Management to discuss correct disposal methods.

c. To order this service, please contact the Exhibition Service Counter at exhservices@klccconventioncentre.com