Day One-Three: 20-22 April 2018


Why you should join FIM2018 Business Matching Session?

  • Connected With More Than 100 Established Franchise Brands and International Franchises.
  • Reduced Wasting on Time and Money in Franchise Selection.
  • Personally scheduled meetings with our valued exhibitors.
  • Will Match Make with Suitable Businesses for you.
  • Face To Face Discussion With The Exhibitors.

FIM2018 Business Matching Session will be a platform that provide huge opportunities for potential franchisee to meet established franchise brand through a face to face meeting. MFA believe this business matching will give potential franchisee a better understanding on the exhibitors via preliminary selection and in-depth survey to understand your interest. This program will covers more than 100 local and international franchise brands.

Do not hesitate! If you want to become a franchisee, this is the most suitable program for you.


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