Exhibitors who have booked Bare Space sites may use the Official Contractor Form 9 or independent contractor of their choice Form 10 & Form 11. If you wish to receive a quote for this upgrade, please complete
the applicable form and return the completed form directly to the Official Contractor’s Office.

However, the exhibitor may employ a contractor of his choice to construct booths interiors and any free standing displays or fitment that may be required, subject to the Rules & Regulation apply to the INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR.



a) The exhibitors are required to submit for approval, booth layout plan, elevation, artist’s impression and electrical single line drawing in color duplicate to the Official Contractor’s Office together with the name, address and contact person of their selected contractor.
b) Before a contractor is permitted to commence work, either he or his employee / agent is required to
place a refundable Security Bond / deposit of RM 3,000.00 per 36 sqm below and RM 5,000.00 per 37 sqm and above with the Official Contractor to cover any damage during the setting up and dismantling if any. Security Bond /deposit will be refund in full or after deduction of any damage within one month after the exhibition.
c) An Administration Fee of RM 50.00 per sqm shall be made payable by the independent contractor to
Official Contractor for the processing of communication, management function including preparation of workers pass and security approval from relevant authorities.
d) Upon receipt of the Security Bond / Deposit, Administrative Fee and the Undertaking, the Independent
Contractor will then be allowed to bring their works into the hall and commence work.
e) The Security Bond / Deposit and Administrative Fee should be made in favor of “Biz Creations (M)
Sdn Bhd”.
f) The Security Bond / Deposit will be returned to the Contractor, in full within 30 days of the completion of the Exhibition provided the stand is completed on time (To be read with clause no 2-c) and no damage is caused during build-up, open days and dismantling period.



a) No additional fitting or display may be attached, nailed, screw or drilled to the Shell Scheme structure. If this instruction is ignored, the Official Contractor may charge the Exhibitors or their contractors for damages to shell scheme booth. If your required assistance in hanging or displaying your exhibits, please consult the Official Contractor.
b) No painting or wallpapering of panels is allowed. Exhibitors who wish to have any panel painted or wallpapered must inform the Official Contractor officially for a quotation before such work is carried out.
c) No suspensions can be made from the space frames of the Exhibition hall, nor may any fixing be made
to the floor, columns, walls or any other parts of the building structure.
d) Any change to the type or color of the floor covering provided, must be discussed with the Official
Contractor. Any cost incurred must be borne by the exhibitor.
e) The name and booth number of the Exhibitor must be prominently displayed. If this requirement is not observed, the Organizer reserves the right to affix booths number and charge the cost incurred to the Exhibitors or their Contractors concerned.
f) A back wall must be provided, except in the case of the bare space booth. The Organizer reserve the right to request the exhibitor to change, modify, lower or shorten any back wall or sidewall proposed in the bare space design if, in the opinion of the Event Manager, such back wall or sidewall will obstruct the reasonable exposure of any adjacent exhibition booths.
g) Any design for a structure exceeding 2.44m in height is subject to approval by the Official Contractor.
h) All objects exceeding 2.44m in height must be placed at a minimum distance of one (1) meter from all boundaries adjoining a neighboring booth. Maximum height for this hall allowed is 3m height.
i) Where bare space booth walls exceed the height of adjacent lower booths walls, the rear surface must be decorated by the exhibitor build the higher wall.
j) No part of any structure or exhibit may extend beyond the boundaries of the site allocated. This includes symbols, logos, lighting, floral decorations and furnishings.
k) Neon and flashing lights / signs will not be permitted, unless it forms an integral part of an Exhibitor’s product. Sequence lit displays may be used subject to the Event Manager’s approval and the rate light charges will apply.
l) Exhibitor is reminded that it is the responsibility of itself and of its’ appointed Independent Contractors to clean and vacuum the booth upon completion of construction, before handing over to the exhibitor.



The Exhibitors shall not erect or install or caused to be erected or installed any sign, device, furnishing, ornament or object outside the Exhibition Booth. In default thereto, the Organizer may carry out any necessary works to remove, destroy and/or otherwise dispose of such erection and the costs and expenses incurred there from shall be a debt owing from the Exhibitors to the Organizer and shall be payable within seven (7) days from the date of the Organizer’s demand.



Any organization which, having signed a contract for Exhibition space, fails to exhibit whether or not for any reason of the Exhibitor’s own choosing and has not been released from the Contract by the Organizer shall be liable for the full amount stated in the Contract plus any additional costs incurred by the Organizer as a result of such failure to exhibit.

In the event the Exhibitors fail to participate at the Exhibition Booth duly assigned by the Organizer during the Exhibition, the Organizer shall have the right at its absolute discretion to deal with such vacant Exhibition Booth as it thinks appropriate and such Exhibitors shall pay all due and outstanding sum to the Organizer and shall have no right to claim against the Organizer for non-participation.



In the event of an Exhibitor’s withdrawal from the Fair, all payments made by the Exhibitor shall be forfeited.



The Organizer will arrange for general cleaning of the Exhibitions Halls and Shell Scheme Booths. This only includes cleaning of carpet / flooring and rubbish disposal before the show opens in the morning and after the show closes in the evening. The exhibitor is responsible for maintaining his own booth in a tidy condition all the times.



Sufficient security will be engaged to ensure the safety of the event and premise. Nevertheless, it is advisable that all exhibitors to arrange own insurance to cover all products and people during the event and be particularly careful to pack light, portable models and other attractive exhibits immediately after Exhibition Closes.

Please take note of the following simple precautions:

DO NOT LEAVE any item even lockable cupboards, after the exhibition is over, since the contractor will then dismantle all the floor facilities
Take necessary insurance for products and people working during the exhibition
THE ORGANIZER WILL NOT RESPONSIBLE for any loss or damage or injury to property or persons caused by themselves, their employees, contractor or agent. This includes loss of rented furniture, equipment or instruments



For safety and proper load distribution reasons, all electrical work must be carried out by the Official Contractor. Exhibitors may NOT connect pre-fabricated wiring and fixtures to the source of power supply until work has been inspected by the Official Contractor.

The Official Contractor reserves the right to request exhibitors to dismantle any equipment that causes any power trip or disruption to the event. Penalties for tripping will be charged to the exhibitors / contractors should the tripping be caused by faulty machines / equipments brought in by the exhibitors themselves. Therefore, please ensure that all your machines / equipments are fully tested. Exhibitors are required to fill in Form 7 and send it to the official contractor if need of twenty four (24) hours electrical supply to the booths.
Please order additional lighting and power requirements in advance to guarantee supply. (Please see order Form 7 & Form 8)



a) Delivery of Exhibits

Exhibit items should not be sent to the Exhibition Hall until the booths constructions are ready. The Exhibitors and / or his representative must be present at his own booth to accept delivery from Freight forwarding agencies or their agents. The Organizers or Official Contractor will not accept on behalf of the exhibitors, nor can they be responsible for failures in delivery and safe-keeping of items should the items arrive before the arrival Exhibitors’ staff.
b) Removal, Delivery and Replenish During Show Days

Removal, delivery and replenish of exhibits within the exhibition premise WILL NOT BE PERMITTED DURING THE SHOW, ESPECIALLY DURING THE OPENING CEREMONY. Such removal, delivery or replenishment of stock may only be carried out before opening hours in the morning or after closing time in the evening.

Please take note that NO delivery will be permitted during the Official Visit on the 12th MAY 2017 when the strictest security will be applied in view of the high VVIP attendance.

c) Removal of Exhibits on Show Closure

All exhibitors are required to remove all items inside the booth by 6.00pm on the last day of the exhibition (14th MAY 2017).


Exhibitors are strictly advised to display items only within their booths. NO exhibit item can be displayed outside the booth.



Exhibitors are only allowed to show official corporate video and demonstrate the product range of their companies during the exhibition.



The Organizer reserves the right to determine the acceptable sound level and the extent of demonstration during the show. The Organizer has the right to stop any activity if it causes disturbance to other Exhibitors or visitors.



The following materials are not allowed into the exhibition hall:

a) Exposed lights, lamps or electrical fitting
b) Explosives, petrol, dangerous gases and highly flammable substances


In the event of any situation not foreseen or explained in this Exhibitors Manual, the decisions of the
Organizers will be decide based on case to case basis. The decision is final.



Exhibitors are required to strictly observe and comply with all government laws of Malaysia and regulation during the period of Exhibition. Any penalty imposed to the Exhibitor arising from failure on the part of an exhibitor to comply with such a law shall be charged to the Exhibitor concerned.